Single Point Watering Systems

Single Point Watering System

Locomotive Single Point Watering System

Frequent locomotive starts demand aggressive charging which results in increased water use within the batteries. Maintaining the proper level of water in each cell is essential to ensure cranking amps are available. The RBS SPWS are the ONLY watering systems designed specifically to work on ALL MAJOR brands of starting batteries, and to survive the extreme temperatures and vibrations on locomotives.

Easier and Better Maintenance

  • Ensure that all cells, including those in the very back are watered
  • Maintainer can complete watering tasks in about one or two minutes
  • Will automatically ensure the correct amount of water is delivered to each cell, every time
  • Typical install requires only about 15 minutes
  • Standard hose and coupler connections available

Designed for Operational Safety

  • Designed to allow for electrolyte expansion to help eliminate dangerous acid spills
  • The ONLY single-point watering system that provides internal flame arrestors
  • Eliminates the need to lift or remove a battery from the compartment before watering
  • De-gas chamber allows normal release of gasses

Water Supplies


Regulated Hose Supply

  • Reduce facility water pressure to safe level
  • Flow-Indicator and Quick Coupler included
  • 3/4″ hose connection
Battery Watering Cart

Portable Watering Cart

  • 22 gallon capacity
  • AC or DC powered
  • Auto shut-off when filling is complete
Battery Water Deionizer

Deionized Water Supply

  • Remove dissolved solids from facility water
  • Red/green water quality light for cartridge replacement
  • 20ft supply hose