Locomotive Battery Chargers

Locomotive EHi GNB Battery Charger

GNB EHI Charger

Robust High Frequency IGBT based design is energy-saving and CEC compliant. User-friendly programming provides conventional, opportunity and fast charging profiles optimized for Flooded and VRLA batteries. Offers ability to connect charger to network for remote monitoring and control.

Provides Smart Safe Charging

  • 64Volt/125AMP and 32Volt/125Amp
  • 208/480 3P Input; Other inputs options
  • CEC Certified
  • VRLA and Flooded
  • Real-time Clock, Calendar
  • Computer USB Interface
  • Logging History


RBS also offers these cable sets for use with this charger:

50ft cable set 2/0, with SB to SB connectors

2ft cable set 2/0, with SB to heavy duty stinger clamps

Portable Select-a-Charge Plus

Conveniently portable 20AMP chargers (32 or 64 volt) provide one-touch programming that allows users to select precision charge profiles for either flooded or sealed locomotive starting batteries.

These RBS models are equipped with an integrated Canadus Battery Energizer and include the additional DC cable assemblies described below.

  • 32Vdc/20A, 64Vdc/20A Outputs; 117Vac 60Hz 10A Input
  • Reverse polarity protected and current limited
  • LED indicators provide charge status and assist troubleshooting
  • 100% copper transformer heavy-duty rectifiers
  • 5ft output cable is finished with SB connector; AC plug is installed on the power input cord
  • Indication: Charge status LED, Volt/Amp meter
  • Integrated Canadus Battery Energizer breaks down sulfation crystals on the battery plates
  • 3-year warranty


Available Accessories

15ft cable with SB connector and insulated clamps

30ft extension cable with SB connectors