64VDC Engine Starter / Power


Richardson Locomotive Jumpstarter

Portable battery system for safe use in starting and as a supplemental battery power source for service.  Provides six to eight-hour charge time from AC mains 120VAC single phase 50 amp to 480VAC 3 phase with neutral. Safety Smart Start 3 Technology with overheat protection, quick disconnect on chassis, reverse polarity protection, and battery saving gauge prevents damage from heavy discharging and lack of charging.

Transport safety and convenience

  • 12ga steel construction; water resistant chassis; waterproof internal components
  • Forklift accessible from all 4 sides
  • Highway-safe D.O.T. approved AGM batteries
  • Thermal insulation provides shock protection


Locomotive Jumpstarter Forklift

Designed for Safety

  • Richardson exclusive Safety Smart Start 3 Technology
  • Overheat protection of wiring
  • Quick disconnect on chassis
  • Reverse polarity protection; Audible and visual alarm indicator
  • Safe POWER ON with waterproof simultaneous dual button start
  • Red luminated single POWER OFF button
  • Large magnetic contactor to guarantee power ON/OFF switching
  • Welding grade rubber insulated cable inhibits cable damage
  • Dual forced air fan ventilation prevents any heat or battery outgassing buildup
  • Built in cable wraps for AC main power cord


Power Specifications

  • Battery pack supplies nominal 72VDC (locomotive engine running VDC) with CCA rating of 3000 amps
  • Battery rating one third typical starting battery for long service times and numerous engine starts
  • Operational discharge from 140°F to 140°F; Charging from -10°F to 130°F
  • Six-hour charge time from AC mains120VAC single phase 50 amp, six-hour to 480VAC 3 phase with neutral
  • 50ft 4/0 color-coded cable with clamps for easy knife switch connection
  • Will start any nominal 64VDC locomotive engine
  • Control panel with lamps, push buttons and battery state of charger meter

Jumpstarters are also available to start other railroad equipment and MOW vehicles.

Richardson RevX-30S (rolling chassis model) are designed to quickly start passenger cars and trucks, class 3-5 trucks, heavy equipment

Richardson Titan ll 30S (fixed mount model) are designed to quickly start vehicles from light duty 12V trucks to 24V heavy equipment (up to 30-liter diesels) multiple times without needing recharge.

Richardson JB12HD Portable (handheld) starts 12 volt starting systems from gas powered lawnmowers up to a Class 8 – 20L diesel engine in seconds.