Jumpstarter Loco-72

Richardson Locomotive Jumpstarter

Portable battery system for safe use in starting locomotive engines. Requires approximately six hours charge time when fully depleted. AC Mains options are 120VAC 1-phase 50A or 480VAC 3-phase Wye with Neutral and Ground. Features Safety Smart Start 3 Technology with overheat protection, quick disconnect on chassis, reverse polarity protection, and a battery-saving gauge that prevents damage from heavy discharging and lack of charging.

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Transport safety and convenience

  • 12ga steel construction; water resistant chassis; waterproof internal components
  • Forklift accessible from all 4 sides
  • Highway-safe D.O.T. approved AGM batteries
  • Thermal insulation provides shock protection


Richardson Jumpstarter Forklift

Designed for Safety

  • Richardson exclusive Safety Smart Start 3 Technology
  • Overheat protection of wiring
  • Quick disconnect on chassis
  • Reverse polarity protection; Audible and visual alarm indicator
  • Safe POWER ON with waterproof simultaneous dual button start
  • Red luminated single POWER OFF button
  • Large magnetic contactor to guarantee power ON/OFF switching
  • Welding grade rubber insulated cable inhibits cable damage
  • Dual forced air fan ventilation prevents any heat or battery outgassing buildup
  • Built in cable wraps for AC main power cord


Power Specifications

  • Battery pack supplies nominal 72VDC (locomotive engine running VDC) with CCA rating of 3000 amps
  • High capacity for numerous engine starts
  • Wide operational temperature range: from -10°F to 130°F discharge to charge
  • Approx. six-hour recharge time when fully depleted
  • AC Mains options are 120VAC 1-phase 50A or 480VAC 3-phase Wye with Neutral and Ground
  • 50ft 4/0 color-coded cable with electrode holders/stingers for easy knife switch connection
  • Will start any nominal 64VDC locomotive engine
  • Control panel with lamps, push buttons and battery state of charger meter

Jumpstarters are also available to start other railroad equipment and MOW vehicles.

Richardson 30SRC Jumpstarters

RevX-30SRC (rolling chassis model)

Titanll 30SRC (fixed mount model)

Designed to quickly start vehicles ranging from light-duty trucks to heavy equipment multiple times in succession without recharging.  The 18-switch side is for starting 12 Volt vehicles up to 18-liter diesels without harming vehicle ECM or its components. The 30-switch side starts 24-volt vehicles up to 30-liter diesels.


Three powerful AGM batteries are pre-installed, tested and ready for use.  Richardson’s custom 30 Amp charger provides fast recharges. For optimum results, Richardson recommends keep these Jumpstarters plugged into a 110 outlet when not in use.


  • Patented Safety Smart Start Technology provides reverse polarity protection with visible and audible warning before current flows to vehicles.
  • Wireless key fob for remote control start enables safe one-person operation.
  • No-spark hook up. Overheat protection.
  • Digital voltage meter.
  • Operating instructions are engraved on the top of each 30SRC units.
  • RevX-30S rolling chassis model has 16″ flat free wheels for safe and easy portability.


  • 800 Amp all copper clamps with high current to both sides of clamps.
  • RevX-30S is equipped with 10′ set of 2/0 cables with 800 Amp copper clamps.
  • TitanII-30SRC is equipped with 20′ set of 2/0 cables with 800 Amp copper clamps.


  • 100% repairable, plus lifetime live-tech support
  • 12-month Full Parts & Labor Warranty on manufacturers defects


  • RevX – 45″L x 24″W x 42″H; 330 lbs.
  • TitanII – 30″L x 17.5″W x 18.5″H; 270 lbs
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.

Richardson JB12HD Handheld Jump Box

Starts a wide range of equipment – from 12 Volt to Class 8 diesel engines up to 20 liters – in seconds. Provides multiple consecutive starts without recharging.


  • Strongest and safest lithium-polymer (Li-Po) battery pack on the market.
  • Operates from -22° F to 131° F; (-30°C to 55°C).
  • 660-Watt hours capacity.
  • For optimum results, Richardson recommends keep this Jump Box plugged into a 110 outlet when not in use.



  • 4′ heavy-duty 2/0 highly flexible welding cable with 800 Amp HD parrot clamps.
  • Impact resistant case, up to 1.5 meters on concrete surface.
  • IP3 rated water-resistant case.



  • Reverse polarity protection with audible alarm and red LED warning light while in off position.
  • Over-charge protection, over-deplete protection, and battery-overheat protection
  • No spark connection.
  • Operating instructions label displayed on every Jump Box.



  • Convenient one-person operation for connecting and starting.
  • 3-mode LED Light with 300 lumens and 3800 soft white, illuminates up to 24 continuous hours without recharge
  • Easy to stow, compact size: 16″W x 9″D x 9″H
  • Easy to carry at only 24 lbs. total weight



  • 2 USB Ports for charging CPAP, cell phones, laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices.
  • 12 Volt cigarette lighter output for charging various accessories.



  • All parts can be serviced, repaired and/or replaced.
  • Warranty – 6 months parts and labor on manufacture defects excluding batteries.
  • Assembled in the USA.